The Pond, Félix Vallotton

The Sea near Brighton (detail), John Constable, 1826.

Xiao Wen Ju by Bjarne Jonasson


deep conversations with open minded people are one of my most favourite things ever

This and people who don’t expect you to be anyone, ever. 

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Today’s Gender of the day is: self-aware blue gelatin

that is jelly jiggler you pleb fucks


Porto skyline (by Fotogravity Photography)
Feeling pretty good today.

"There are so many things you are doing without knowing how to do it. You digest, you circulate your blood and lymph, you move your muscles — all without knowing how. In the same way, you perceive, you feel, you think without knowing the why and how of it. Similarly you are yourself without knowing it. There is nothing wrong with you as the Self. It is what it is to perfection. It is the mirror that is not clear and true and, therefore, gives you false images. You need not correct yourself — only set right your idea of yourself. Learn to separate yourself from the image and the mirror, keep on remembering: I am neither the mind nor its ideas: do it patiently and with convictions and you will surely come to the direct vision of yourself as the source of being — knowing — loving, eternal, all-embracing all-pervading. You are the infinite focussed in a body. Now you see the body only. Try earnestly and you will come to see the infinite only."

— Nisargadatta Maharaj (via thebigelectron)


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1982, Banuae Terraces




I read this out loud to boyfriend and he just went “ohhhhhhhhh” 

CEOs all runnin around terrified of blue shells from the homeless